Coaching Cues – Reinforcing Proper Squat Mechanics

March 20, 2018


🇺🇲  Welcome back to your weekly edition of the #MondayCues section of our #PraxisSeries.
Our cue today comes to us by way of the king of the lifts. The #Squat.

The cue is to “sit between your feet.” All the requirements of a good cue are intact. It’s short(4 words), it’s specific (between your feet), it’s actionable(sit). We’ve found this cue to be especially helpful while personal training athletes that may have the proper mechanics and mobility to squat well but aren’t quite comfortable with the motor pattern.
Many athletes have been inundated with the low bar squat cues to “sit back” or “hips back” so much so that it’s common practice to now teach the high bar squat by first cueing excessive hip flexion.

The hips are only hinged slightly in order to allow both knee and hip flexion during the squat.
If the hip hinge is excessive it immediately causes the athlete’s torso to tilt forward during the descent. This forward incline is an obvious fault and doesn’t allow the athlete to move optimally. Further reinforcing this cue over time leads to faulty motor patterns which, in some cases, can be more difficult to correct than a mobility issue.

The cue to “sit between your feet” reinforces proper squat mechanics at the hip and knee joints in two ways. The sitting portion cues athletes to first hinge at the hip as they aim to place their posterior on a seat just as in everyday life. The emphasis on sitting between the feet initiates more forward knee travel thus creating space for the torso to end between the thighs instead of on top of the thighs and most importantly it reinforces a vertical torso postion, reducing unnecessary forward lean.

Thanks for tuning in. See you tomorrow.

Stay mobile.

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