#JustAThought – Performance Metrics “For Time”

March 29, 2018

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It’s #JustAThought day(One of our top 7 favorite days of the week) and we’re continuing with our subject from yesterday.

Rowing is the subject but, performance metrics are the real #BreadAndButter today.

“For Time:” It’s a term that strikes a mix of fear and excitement in anyone who does #Crossfit, #FunctionalTraining, #HIIT, or any other time domain based workout.

To contrast working for time, there are many other (and potentially more beneficial) metrics that can and should be measured when training.

Let’s take #ergrowing for example; excluding time domains we can focus on:
1. Stroke rate
2. Technical consistency
3. Matching multiple efforts
4. Calorie output
5. Watt output
6. Total distance

Many of these parameters can be combined such as output(watt) per stroke or distance per stroke.

By working towards improving any of these metrics there is a residual adaptation effect.Essentially, by not focusing on time and improving your stroke rate consistency or your technical proficiency an athlete will likely see time domain performance improvements. This is because they are now working optimally and more efficiently.

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