#JustATip – Does Your Squat Look Like A Good-Morning?

March 27, 2018


#JustATip has arrived at last.

On this edition, elbows are the bee’s knees. Optimal movement patterns are the key to greatness. We commonly see an inefficient squat being the result of an excessively forward leaning torso. Many athletes will make significant progress, despite positional or technical gaps. Inevitably, the gaps in any movement will create plateaus that they are unable to overcome with sheer training alone. We cue proper elbow position being as far forward as possible in any variation of the squat(except OHS, duh). The torso should be angled so as to support the load directly above the center of mass but any excess forward lean will cause inefficiencies and a lack of balance. The torso will mimic the arm, elbow, and shoulder position so active engagement of the upper body is paramount. Achieving the proper positioning is done by driving the elbows under and forward of the bar in back squats and as high as possible in the front squat.


Give it a try and see what magic might happen.


Until next time- Stay mobile.

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