#MondayCues – The Burpee

March 26, 2018

Welcome back to the work week.

On this edition of #MondayCues we’re going to talk about sweat, baby.

Well, actually we are going to discuss the #burpee. And #burpees make you sweat.

Our cue today is to “Stand Wide, Use Your Hips.”
The burpee is the prince of all nausea-inducing, pain-cave movements and in many athletes, inefficient movement patterns further exacerbate the butt-kicking.
Often, athlete’s will complain of knee pain when doing burpees. This is caused by quadricep-dominant, tiptoe stand-ups. Cueing athletes to stand wide with flat feet when coming out of the burpee allows proper hip hinging.
Standing and then hinging at the hips(similar to a kettlebell swing) transfers the workload from the quadriceps to the posterior chain allowing a series of large muscles to perform the work.

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Stay mobile.
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