#ONTHEGRIND – Put In The Work

March 23, 2018

🇺🇲 “In a group of five workouts, I tend to have one great workout, the kind of workout that makes me think in just a few weeks I could be an Olympic champion, plus maybe Mr. Olympia. Then, I have one workout that’s so awful the mere fact I continue to exist as a somewhat higher form of life is a miracle. Finally, the other three workouts are the punch-the-clock workouts: I go in, work out, and walk out. Most people experience this.” ― Dan John, Never Let Go: A Philosophy of Lifting, Living, and Learning

Out of 10 workouts, you’re going to have one bad, just plain awful workout and one great, possibly life-changing workout. The other eighty percent of the time is when you’re just putting in work.

Building the base.
Laying your foundation.

Those are the sessions that teach you who you are as an athlete. How you treat those session tells you who you are as a person. – me.

The value of these “punch-the-clock” workouts referenced by Dan John is vastly underrated. Most athletes develop a psychological addiction to working out and become dissatisfied with a workout that doesn’t leave them wriggling on the floor or unable to walk normally afterward. The efficacy of the body’s ability to adapt to a stimulus is compromised if the body isn’t given the ability to recover first and then adapt.

Next time you’re in the gym and you just have an okay session remind yourself that those sessions are the foundations of your fitness. Save the fire-breathing for when you need it.


Stay mobile.

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