#WODPOP Wednesday – Today’s Workout

March 28, 2018
#WODPOP is back with a vengeance.

On today’s edition, we are going to mix things up just a bit;
Today’s workout is-

For time:
2000m Row

What? Just a row? That’s all?
Yes. That is all my friends.

During single modality workouts, athletes tend to be less engaged and see these workouts as a waste of time or even skip these sessions altogether.
The opportunities presented by these workouts are vast and underutilized.

We will cover the conceptual and psychological components in our Just A Thought series tomorrow.

From a technical perspective, however, there are numerous components that can be addressed and optimized.
Of those components prevalent faults include:
1. Excessive spinal flexion in the catch
2. Lack of hip extension (not pulling with the back)
3. Improper sequencing of the pull(legs, back, arms or legs, arms)

Torso position is critical to generate and transfer optimal force when rowing. Inefficient rowing mechanics, as with all other movements, create output bleeds and waste energy.

The catch is vital as it is the beginning of each rep. Proper setup and execution provide for more force transfer.

In the catch, the shins should be vertical and spinal position should remain neutral.
Athletes will often lose spinal position and stability due to fatigue as well and intentionally give up position to gain more distance per pull. The increase in stroke length is less beneficial as the added distance is negated by the poor positioning and the resulting accumulated fatigue.

The best stroke length is one that provides the most distance while maintaining proper body mechanics. Balance is key.

Take a look below at what a proper catch position should look like(courtesy of @DarkHorseRowing and @Google)

See you tomorrow!

Stay mobile.


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