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March 15, 2018


🇺🇸 Welcome to #WODPOP Wednesday here at Praxis.

WODPOP is an acronym for Workout of the Day Points of Performance In short, we are going to take a workout, analyze the components, and offer some advice to easily identify the most common faults that present themselves.

Our workout today is a @CrossfitChalk WOD from @RyanFisch listed below: For Time:

10 Rounds:

5 Wall Balls 20/14

3 Burpees 1 Snatch 135/85 — immediately into;

10 Rounds:

5 Pull-Ups

10 Push-Ups 15 Air Squats — immediately into;

10 Rounds:

5 Wall Balls 20/14

3 Burpees

1 Snatch 135/85


This workout has a common fault across several movements that I will address- Wall-balls and snatches present the same faults although during different stages of the movement. Rounding of the thoracic spine and lack of actively engaged scapula will set in quickly due to fatigue. If these faults are not managed and corrected appropriately the athlete’s position will degrade rapidly. The wall-ball should be properly caught and held in a solid front rack position with the forearms as vertical as possible. If the catch is not ideal it will cause the athlete to be pulled forward by the momentum and weight of the ball. Over time this will degrade the upper and mid-back position and cause major energy bleeds. The snatch should be addressed just as any other lift. A proper set up in the start position is critical. Although it may take an additional second or two to regain shoulder and upper back position the benefits of properly setting up and reinforcing mechanics far outweigh the small time demand. This position can be achieved by externally rotating the shoulders and retracting the scapula back and down.

We thought it would be interesting to not only offer up some coaching advice but also engage our audiences. So what do you look for? And more importantly, how do you correct it?


Stay mobile.

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