What is a Turkish Get Up?

May 11, 2018

Ever wonder what kettlebell exercises you can do from anywhere?

Today we are going to cover the Turkish Get Up! We recommend trying this with a light kettlebell to start.


Start lying on the ground with the barbell to the side of you, but in line with your body.

Roll over to one side, grasp the barbell with one hand and cup the other hand around your first hand. It is absolutely essential to grab the barbell in the middle. Specifically, put your middle finger directly in the center of the barbell. I use a piece of tape to indicate where this is so I can easily place my hand each time.

Using both hands, push the barbell up into lockout over your body. The barbell should be parallel with your body.

At this time, let go of the extra hand and maintain the weight over your head.
Bend the leg that is on the same side as your lifting arm, so the knee is in the air and the foot flat on the ground.

Roll to the non-barbell side, until you are on your side.

Press into the ground with your free hand. You will scoot upward, making little movements at a time, until you come to a position where you are leaning against your elbow.

From here extend the elbow so you are resting on your hand.
Press using your leaning arm and your leg with your food flat on the ground (the same side as the weight), and raise up your hips just enough to get your leg pulled through. (With the kettlebell, get up you go through a high arch in this position. That is great for training movement quality, but when you’re working with a heavy barbell you’ll want to skip that added movement.)
Come to a kneeling position in an action similar to a side raise, picking your leaning arm off the ground.

Drive off with both feet coming to a standing position with the weight overhead.


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