Tips & Tricks for Dining Out (while dieting/cutting weight)

August 27, 2018

5 Tips for Dining out when you are in a weight loss phase

The biggest thing most people struggle with when they are trying to lose weight is being consistent. For most of us, finding the time to get to the gym is the easy part, things tend to become more difficult when we are tempted with going out to eat. A lot of us are a week or two into our cut and we are going strong and feeling good; until a social event comes up and we have a hard time trying to figure out how to track our food. A lot of our clients have jobs where they have to go out to lunch for business meetings, happy hours, and everything in between. The goal of this article is to help you feel more comfortable when you are in a situation where you feel obligated to dine out or if you don’t want to give up your social life all together.

1.) Eat a large meal prior to your lunch meeting or social event.

If you know you will be dining out, try eating a large meal prior to your event. This will help you feel satisfied and seeing other people eat won’t make you crave everything around you. The more full and satisfied you feel, the less you will be tempted to eat more than you normally would. Veggies and scrambled egg whites are a great way to help you feel more full and satisfied. Not only are these options low in calories, but you can eat 2 plates veggies and feel satisfied after. If you are looking for a new way to cook your vegetables – here is a recipe to try out!

2.) Plan out your meals the night before

If you are in a situation where you know you will be going out to eat – try and check out the menu beforehand so you can plan your meals around it. You can also check myfitnesspal or the restaurant’s website to see what the most macro friendly items the restaurant may have to offer. If you know they have grilled chicken and veggies there, plan your macros out in a way that makes the most sense. For example – if you know you will be ordering plain grilled chicken and a side of broccoli, make sure you eat your fats before you go so you don’t feel obligated to order a fatty cut of meat or salad dressing that you will have a tough time tracking.

3.) Pay close attention to what you are ordering

Avoid dishes that have a number of different sauces on them. Try and keep the dish as simple as possible. Stick to lean meats and veggies before you go for the basket of tortilla chips or appetizers. If you do decide to partake in the chips, commit to a few chips and put them on your plate, that way you know how much you are eating. A lot of times we get caught up in conversation and keep reaching for more bread, chips, fries, etc without paying attention to how much we have consumed.

4.) Be aware of your portion sizes
If you are at a social event where there are tons of appetizers, desserts, etc. Do your best to control your portions. It is OK to eat things that aren’t in your typical day to day meals – just don’t go overboard and get 3 portions of something. We all know how people look at you when you say you’re not eating anything, so don’t feel guilty if you indulge a little bit – just be aware of what and how much you are consuming.

5.) Don’t go into it thinking “I am already cheating on my diet, might as well go all out”

We have all been there. We have been going strong with our diet, this is the third time we have re-started and we get tasked with a work event, or our best friends bridal or baby shower. Whatever you do – Don’t go all out just because you’re already indulging in things you wouldn’t normally!! Be smart about your decisions and let life happen. Don’t use this event as an excuse to completely fall off the train that day. Commit to one meal or one item and be done with it. It is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and even lose weight while having a social life.

Life happens 🙂

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