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Tips & Tricks for Dining Out (while dieting/cutting weight)

August 27, 2018

5 Tips for Dining out when you are in a weight loss phase The biggest thing most people struggle with when they are trying to lose weight is being consistent. For most of us, finding the time to get to the gym is the easy part, things tend to become more difficult when we are tempted with going out to eat. A lot of us are a week or two into our cut and we are going strong and feeling good; until a social event comes up and we have a hard time trying to figure out how to track... View Article

What is a Turkish Get Up?

May 11, 2018

Ever wonder what kettlebell exercises you can do from anywhere? Today we are going to cover the Turkish Get Up! We recommend trying this with a light kettlebell to start.   Start lying on the ground with the barbell to the side of you, but in line with your body. Roll over to one side, grasp the barbell with one hand and cup the other hand around your first hand. It is absolutely essential to grab the barbell in the middle. Specifically, put your middle finger directly in the center of the barbell. I use a piece of tape to... View Article

#JustAThought – Performance Metrics “For Time”

March 29, 2018

Hello, hi, and how are ya? It’s #JustAThought day(One of our top 7 favorite days of the week) and we’re continuing with our subject from yesterday. Rowing is the subject but, performance metrics are the real #BreadAndButter today. “For Time:” It’s a term that strikes a mix of fear and excitement in anyone who does #Crossfit, #FunctionalTraining, #HIIT, or any other time domain based workout. To contrast working for┬átime, there are many other (and potentially more beneficial) metrics that can and should be measured when training. Let’s take #ergrowing for example; excluding time domains we can focus on: 1. Stroke... View Article

#WODPOP Wednesday – Today’s Workout

March 28, 2018

#WODPOP is back with a vengeance. On today’s edition, we are going to mix things up just a bit; Today’s workout is- For time: 2000m Row What? Just a row? That’s all? Yes. That is all my friends. During single modality workouts, athletes tend to be less engaged and see these workouts as a waste of time or even skip these sessions altogether. The opportunities presented by these workouts are vast and underutilized. We will cover the conceptual and psychological components in our Just A Thought series tomorrow. From a technical perspective, however, there are numerous components that can be... View Article

#JustATip – Does Your Squat Look Like A Good-Morning?

March 27, 2018

  #JustATip has arrived at last. On this edition, elbows are the bee’s knees. Optimal movement patterns are the key to greatness. We commonly see an inefficient squat being the result of an excessively forward leaning torso. Many athletes will make significant progress, despite positional or technical gaps. Inevitably, the gaps in any movement will create plateaus that they are unable to overcome with sheer training alone. We cue proper elbow position being as far forward as possible in any variation of the squat(except OHS, duh). The torso should be angled so as to support the load directly above the... View Article

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