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Helpful Tips To Begin A New Diet

March 19, 2018

🇺🇲 Welcome to your Friday edition of the #PraxisSeries. Friday’s will focus on food. The fun. The fallacies. The fries. I bring to you: #FuelMyFriday Here are 2 helpful tips when beginning a new diet- 1. Eliminate all possible food sources and items that do not align with your goals. This means to not only dispose of unwanted food items but also preparing enough alternatives in advance. 2. Plan a test run the week prior to starting. Make notes of successes and opportunities to simplify and streamline the process each week. Comment, like, follow, and share. Be sure to stay... View Article

Workout of the Day – Points of Performance

March 15, 2018

  🇺🇸 Welcome to #WODPOP Wednesday here at Praxis. WODPOP is an acronym for Workout of the Day Points of Performance In short, we are going to take a workout, analyze the components, and offer some advice to easily identify the most common faults that present themselves. Our workout today is a @CrossfitChalk WOD from @RyanFisch listed below: For Time: 10 Rounds: 5 Wall Balls 20/14 3 Burpees 1 Snatch 135/85 — immediately into; 10 Rounds: 5 Pull-Ups 10 Push-Ups 15 Air Squats — immediately into; 10 Rounds: 5 Wall Balls 20/14 3 Burpees 1 Snatch 135/85   This workout... View Article

#JustATip – Ideal Grip Position for Pull Ups

March 14, 2018

  In this series we are going to showcase a quick tip to improve your training. Typically, these will be tangible tips as we will cover the conceptual aspect of training in our Just a Thought series on Thursdays. Today’s tip concerns proper grip of the bar during pull-ups or any other movement in which one hangs by the hands. The most common mistake in gripping the bar is to do so by wrapping the fingers around the bar first. This is not ideal as it does not allow the wrist to actuate properly, can increase your risk of tearing... View Article

Coaching Cues – The Difference Between a Good Fitness Coach and a Great Fitness Coach

March 12, 2018

Oftentimes the difference between good coaches and great coaches is the result of focused attention on subtle nuances in how they perform their craft. Movement cues are the most prevalent and widely used method of the coaching feedback loop. To be used most effectively cues should be short, specific, and actionable. Later this week we will take a closer look at coaching cues in our “Just a Thought” series. Our #MondayCues series will focus on effective and ineffective cues when training athletes. Additionally, our hope is that this series offers you just a little distraction from the Monday beast. One... View Article

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