Month-to-month. No contracts. (30 days notice required for cancellation). Bulk sessions available at discounted rates. Training services are offered on site at two valley facilities located in Central and North Phoenix or in the convenience of your home.

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On-Site Services

Personal Training Sessions & Packages:

We offer single sessions, weekly sessions, and monthly session packages
Our Training Methodology

We believe and aim for constant progression, we’ve worked with hundreds of people and taken the time to research various training protocols, to allow us to provide you with continual progress.

Properly planned and periodized training cycles. You will not only know exactly what you’re doing this week, but know what you’ll be working on next month.

Our prices are not the same for each client that signs up, we don’t disclose the exact fee because they may change in future and we don’t want you to select us due to being more affordable but because we’re the right match for you. When you have your initial consultation, we will then disclose coaching fees.

Why do we need a consult:

1.  We get to see if we are compatible and will get along.
2.  To prevent people signing up who cannot benefit from our coaching methodologies. For example if you have a lot of stress or limited time, have scheduling issues that we cannot accommodate, have a lack of  dedication or simply think having a coach means you’re guaranteed results without putting in the work.
3.  We aim to be the best at providing results for our clients, and you’re not going to understand this and how we work without having a chat first.
There’s no obligation to sign up after the consult, this is just the way we like/need to work to vet clients.

Full Body Transformation:

Lose Weight & Tone

2x/week for 12 weeks

Fat Burn & Sculpt

3x/week for 12 weeks

Shred Fat & Build Muscle

4x/week for 12 weeks

The full body transformation package is an individualized custom-built plan for those looking for a total-body makeover. This is an intense 12 week program for those looking to make significant changes in their body composition. We will create a diet guideline and training program to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Additional Services:

  • Nutrition Coaching*
  • Custom Programming*
  • Partner Training for 2 people
  • Small Group Training for 3-5 people

*Remote services available.