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Clients of Praxis Athletics benefit from a wide variety of personal training services offered by Aaron Boyd. Aaron works with people of all ages and fitness levels as a personal trainer, including teens who are involved in competitive sports at school, as well as older adults who are in a wide variety of physical conditions, with varying goals.

Some simply wish to perform daily activities to the best of their abilities. Others are training for a strength competition or a Spartan Race. Many have weight loss goals and just need someone to give them the extra “push” they need to achieve them. Whatever your focus, Aaron will help formulate a plan that realizes your unique goals.

Fitness Trainer in Phoenix, AZ

Clients interested in personal physical training in Phoenix, AZ can sign up for three to five sessions per week. These sessions can occur in the client’s own home, or at one of two gyms we contract with for our training services. Currently Aaron trains mostly with individuals, but will also train small groups of two to four people. His training assists with areas of fitness such as:

  • Strength and muscle building

    Whether you’ve been a weight room regular for years or are just learning how to bench press, Aaron will meet you where you’re at and help you develop a strength and muscle building regimen to achieve your strength goals.

  • Endurance and aerobic conditioning

    Aerobic training is great for people who want to run races or simply improve their heart health and their ability to perform everyday activities without feeling worn out or out of breath.

  • General fitness and health

    No matter what your fitness goals are, Aaron will work with you to develop a training program that makes sense for you and one you will be able to stick with and get results from.

Become the Best Version of Yourself

For more information about Praxis Athletics and how you can hire Aaron Boyd as a fitness coach in Phoenix, AZ, contact us today at 602-351-5438.

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