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Coaching Cues – Reinforcing Proper Squat Mechanics

March 20, 2018

  🇺🇲  Welcome back to your weekly edition of the #MondayCues section of our #PraxisSeries. Our cue today comes to us by way of the king of the lifts. The #Squat. The cue is to “sit between your feet.” All the requirements of a good cue are intact. It’s short(4 words), it’s specific (between your feet), it’s actionable(sit). We’ve found this cue to be especially helpful while personal training athletes that may have the proper mechanics and mobility to squat well but aren’t quite comfortable with the motor pattern. Many athletes have been inundated with the low bar squat cues... View Article

Coaching Cues – The Difference Between a Good Fitness Coach and a Great Fitness Coach

March 12, 2018

Oftentimes the difference between good coaches and great coaches is the result of focused attention on subtle nuances in how they perform their craft. Movement cues are the most prevalent and widely used method of the coaching feedback loop. To be used most effectively cues should be short, specific, and actionable. Later this week we will take a closer look at coaching cues in our “Just a Thought” series. Our #MondayCues series will focus on effective and ineffective cues when training athletes. Additionally, our hope is that this series offers you just a little distraction from the Monday beast. One... View Article